Over the last 25 years the TODCO Group has built a leading reputation in our South of Market Neighborhood as developers and operators of high-quality affordable housing in the Yerba Buena Center and the Sixth Street Corridor. But equally important, as South of Market Neighborhood Builders, every day TODCO serves as caring and capable providers of supportive Resident Services for its more than 1,000 elderly and SRO (single room) tenants, plus many of their neighbors.

When TODCO opened Woolf House in 1979, its first senior housing in Yerba Buena Center, the impacts of aging on its very vulnerable senior residents and their significant needs caused by age, health, isolation, and poverty soon became apparent.

In response, TODCO established its Resident Services and Activities Program (RSAP) in 1985. It began with a lunchtime Nutrition Program to ensure a decent daily meal. Then as years passed the TODCO RSAP gradually expanded with additional services, programs and activities.

In 1994, with the opening of TODCO's first development on Sixth Street, the Knox SRO, further expansion of the RSAP was clearly necessary to address the challenging circumstances of residential hotel tenants. Hotel tenants, for example, need referral services for job placement and drug treatment. And because of the City's terrible affordable housing shortage, a number of households even include children or teens. Since then the TODCO RSAP has been gradually expanded to assist the residents of TODCO's four Sixth Street Corridor residences, with 388 total households.

Today, under the guidance of the 11 year Director of Resident Services, Debbie Sue, the Resident Services and Activities Program provides each year almost $1,000,000 in direct supportive social services, special events, trips, arts programs, and other activities, plus additional nutrition program in-kind aid to residents of almost $500,000.

TODCO's 120 energetic resident volunteers are vital to the success of the RSAP. By participating daily at their own residence – many for 10 years or more – our seniors and hotel tenants assume an active role and responsibility to assist with translation, special events, meal service, parties, bingo, and other programs. We appreciate and rely on our volunteers tremendously – the TODCO RSAP could not exist without them.

With the assistance of a recent grant by the Supportive Housing Initiative Act (SHIA) program, TODCO has hired new staff members to support its social services, recreational therapy activities, case management, and transportation services.