1. What does TODCO do?

We develop housing and within those developments we provide programs and services.

2. How many buildings does TODCO own?

TODCO owns eight buildings in the South of Market Area, including Woolf House, Mendelsohn House, Ceatrice Polite Apartments, The Knox Apartments, Leland Apartments, Hotel Isabel, Eugene Coleman and the Bayanihan House.

3. Does TODCO Manage its own buildings?

No. Our properties are managed by the John Stewart Company.

4. How do I get an application to be on TODCO's waiting list?

Please call our Housing Information Line at (415) 957–0227 for information.

5. How can I check my status on the waiting list?

Applicants are contacted at least once per year, or sooner if needed, and asked to express their continued interest. We process applicants in the order of their waiting list number and move applicants whose files are completed first. 

6. Does TODCO help people with Tenant's Rights issues?

No. However there are programs in the City dedicated specifically to tenant's rights issues. Click here for links to their websites.

7. What is the Earthquake Preparedness Video and what does it do?

Make Yourself a Promise is a practical video guide to earthquake preparedness techniques for the individual and the community, with a particular focus on the needs of vulnerable populations, the elderly and the disabled.  It will provide a valuable and informative resource for:   
     - Preparing an emergency kit
     - Making your home/workplace earthquake safe
     - Organizing a neighborhood response plan
The kit is accompanied by a Program Guide to assist in your presentation.

8. How do I order an Earthquake Preparedness Video?

Click here for order form. Print out and mail to the address listed at the bottom of the form.